A Range of Cakes

the experience

Vanilla Pod offers a unique approach to your celebration or gifts ideas. There are no lists to choose from and no names for a specific cake or hamper design … No ‘The Georgina’ or ‘The Florence’, which includes colours or items you don’t love. Your product has never been made before and no one else but you will ever have it again.

The creation process with Vanilla Pod is very unique. We like to get to know the occasion and who your cake or hamper is for. We like to get to know a little about that person before the ‘magic’ happens.

Together we create something so unique and so very personal to that person that their cake or hamper will almost tell a story of them, that’s why there is no specific lists for template designs… the idea doesn’t exist yet!

Once we have a few ideas Vanilla Pod will go away and draw the design on the computer and email this to you with a quoted price.

During our first ‘creating session’, we will need to establish some key information; contact details, dates for the product, along with the computerised design and explanatory notes. At this point we work together to finalise details and make any changes. It is super important to us you are absolutory satisfied with everything during this meet. We offer this creative consultation free of charge as part of our customer care service.

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